To see more Afrodivas owning their space and proudly wearing their crowns.To see African creativity celebrated and Afrocentric designs taking up aprominent space in the global fashion industry.


To work with female African artists to collect, curate and retail hand-made jewellery and accessories that showcase the diversity and richness of African culture.  To inspire, serve and empower the woman who has the confidence to celebrate Africa wherever she may be and whatever her wardrobe style.


* Excellence and quality: we work with skilled artisans to source the very best products, because you are the best 😊.

*Customer service: we strive to show you that you come first.

*Authenticity: we guarantee that our goods are hand-made in Africa.

*Pan-Africanism: we celebrate the work of artisans in east, west, and southern Africa.

*Uniqueness: our artisans use their creativity to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

*Women empowerment: by supporting women, we support families and communities.

*Fair trade: We strive to deal directly with the artisans who make our products to enable us to attach a fair price to our merchandise.

*Community and sistahood: through “fashion diplomacy” we build cross-cultural connections and foster meaningful engagement amongst the women whom we serve.

Our Brand Story

My name is Pamhidzai Hlezekhaya Bamu and I am the owner of The Afrodiva. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and attended university and worked in South Africa and Zimbabwe before moving to the United States.  The Afrodiva was born out of the marriage of two of my greatest loves: my love for the Afrocentric and my love for the art of accessorizing.

From an early age, I embraced all forms of art that capture and express African culture, heritage and creativity. I have always believed that Africa has so much to offer the world of fashion, The Afrodiva provides a platform to promote diversity by showcasing our African products and style in the global North.

I have learned that matching an outfit with jewellery and accessories is a form of art. The right accessories can complement an elaborate outfit or give a simple outfit the wow factor that will make you stand out. I enjoy putting my own ensembles together on a regular day or for a special occasion. Starting The Afrodiva has enabled me to share my passion with you and to help you to find one-of-a-kind pieces that complement your personal style and wardrobe.