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My name is Pamhidzai Hlezekhaya Bamu and I am the owner of The Afrodiva, an African jewellery and fashion accessories brand that was born of the marriage of two of my greatest loves: First, my love for the Afrocentric: the culture, heritage and creativity and all that the continent has to offer the world. Second, the art of accessorizing: give me any outfit and I’ll show you the perfect pieces to make it outstanding!!!


    This is  what we believe in and for:

    • *Afro-Ambassadors: Authenticity: we guarantee that our goods are hand-made in Africa, made by artisans in east, west, and southern Africa. We also share a wealth of information and experiences that speak to identity, history, culture and the inspiration behind the pieces.
    • Uniqueness: we strive to find rare, one of a kind pieces that you don’t easily find on the market, that speak to your individual style and personality
    • *Passion and excellence: we pour our energy into finding and engaging you, we leave no stone unturned to find the most gorgeous and rare products, and we strive to show you that you come first.
    • *Women empowerment: we aim to work directly with and support women artisans, thereby  supporting their families and communities. We also empower our customers by helping them to be more confident in expressing their style and encouraging the followers. Through “fashion diplomacy” we build cross-cultural connections and foster meaningful engagement amongst the women whom we serve.

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