Or as we say in Zimbabwe: ‘Titambire’;
in South Africa: ‘Wamkelekile!’;
in Kenya: ‘Karibu’; and  in Ghana: ‘Akwaaba!’ 

The Afrodiva is a US-based African jewellery and fashion accessories brand that serves customers in North an South Ameria, Europe and Asia.

We blend the beauty of the Afrocentric with the art of accessorizing to help you to be boldly, fabulously you! Our passion is to capture and celebrate the power and beauty of the woman who loves to stand out in the crowd. As proud ambassadors of Africa, we uncover and share gorgeous pieces that showcase Africa’s rich heritage and the skill and creativity of the continent’s artisans.

We believe that ‘beautiful’ has different faces, ‘stunning’ has many hues, ‘fabulous’ has different styles, and ‘style’ has many dimensions.  We traverse the breadth of sub-Saharan Africa to uncover the stunning gems that empower you to  unleash the bold and fabulous you!


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